Having come from a running background, I did my first triathlon in June 2012. The swim leg was in a small lake and we started in waves of 40. The first wave was the elites. The second wave was people who would be or had been elite. Then came the Third Wave.

I was in the Third Wave, a mixture of beginners and older people like me – 40 of us. People who didn’t give a thought to being on the podium. Their biggest contest was against themselves and the course. They raced for the love of a challenge.

The spirit amongst the third wave competitors was fantastic. When I had completed the course, I waited for a while at the finish line and watched many of my fellow Third Wave members finish. They inspired me. Each one of them finished with a big smile happy to have overcome the challenge.

The Third Wave is a metaphor for everything I enjoy about running and triathlon. Empowering positive change through physical challenge,  leaving your comfort zone, not letting age stand in the way, finding time to help and encourage others, having a love of life and just being happy to take part.

I dedicate this site and my blog to the tens of thousands of members of The Third Wave everywhere.

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