I am Peter Whent – husband to Cate and Father to Matilda. In 2010 after many false starts over 20 years I decided to take my life back from the onset of middle age. I can’t stop the clock, but I can choose to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

At the start of 2011 I lost 30 lbs – 15% of my body weight. I have done this many times over the years. The challenge this time was to keep it off. Running was my saviour! I was a successful cross-country and middle distance track runner in my youth. I have been a runner on and off for 40 years so becoming a born-again runner in my early 50s was easy!

Since the end of 2010 I have been on quite a journey. Starting with an inauspicious and very slow 2-mile run, I have gone on to complete many 10ks, half marathons and the London Marathon. In 2012 I also became a mid-life triathlete completing my first Sprint Triathlon. In 2013 I finished two half-Ironman triathlons (1.2 mile swim, 56-mike bike and 13.1 mile run) and in 2014 I finished my first Ironman. To cap it all I was selected to compete for Great Britain in the European Middle Distance Triathlon Championships in Majorca in October 2014. The most exciting thing is that the journey is just beginning.

This blog follows the story and if it inspires just one person to do what I have done and discover the positive changes you can make to your life through physical challenge then I will be even happier!

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