What a difference a day makes!

On New Year’s Eve I had a bit of a catch up reading some of the blogs I follow. A lot of what was published were reviews of the past year. Wow! 2013 you sure have offended some people. I don’t know if was the post-Christmas blues or alcoholic remorse but apparently the year had gone on too long, it was stale and we’ll be glad to see the back of it.

I went to bed for eight hours and awoke in 2014 to be greeted by another wave of blog posts with a totally different flavour. After the passage of just one night, winds light to moderate, everything was right with the world. It was a New Year which meant new plans, new goals and renewed optimism. What a difference a day makes!

If like me you have read loads of  2014 blogs then you already have goal-fatigue! So I am going to buck the trend of laying out all my 2014 goals in public. I have done that before and became a hostage to fortune, which is a nice way of saying I couldn’t BS when I didn’t achieve them! A year is long time to plan in one sitting and things change. I know what my main goal is for the year – more about that another time – but I will flex the rest of my training and goals to suit that and to reflect progress.

But fear not! I won’t send you away empty-handed. This is a blog about my sporting escapades and I won’t totally chicken out of discussing the sporting year ahead. So, here are ten things I would like to see happen on the sporting front in 2014:

  • Event organisers resist the temptation to cash in on the running and triathlon boom by continuing to put up entry fees.
  • Ali Brownlee qualifies for the 10,000m on the track at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is a fascinating prospect
  • Ironman (WTC) is saved from itself and its self-destructive desire to wreck its brand. Branded car mats and free places for celebrity chefs at the World Championship  – perleease!!.
  • Simon Jenkins does some research before he writes another article on triathlon.
  • England gets out of its qualifying group at the World Cup in Brazil.
  • Mo Farah wins the 2014 London Marathon!
  • England’s cricketers admit to themselves that they are no longer the best team in the world – in fact the XI in Australia may not be the best team in England!
  • Triathlons with large open water swims find a way of bringing some common sense to proceedings. A thousand people starting in a single wave is not only ridiculous, it is dangerous. Large road races manage a chip-timed rolling start – why not triathlon?
  • Someone explains to me the attraction of obstacle course racing!
  • We don’t have to wait for another five World Champions in five years (count them!) before a lady triathlete appears on the SPOTY shortlist

In other news, 2014 training started this week. It feels good to have some structure back in the program. What is not so good is my effort to eat “clean”. I am trying James Duigan’s “Clean & Lean Diet”. It should be called the “Lean and Hungry Diet”. I am permanently starving which can’t be good. I will persevere for a bit but something needs to change pronto. Right now the prospect of eating “dirty” again is very appealing and that can’t be what Mr Duigan intended!

On that note I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and I hope that it brings you everything you wish for.


8 responses to “What a difference a day makes!

  1. Hope you have a good year too, I’ve not finished my review of 2013 post yet, I keep putting it off!


  2. Good blog, I agree with some of the things you hope for, seeing mo Farrah win the marathon, more women getting credit in sport ( how else can we encourage young women to be fit and healthy) and although I have never done a tri that bit about jumping in the water and having people swim over the top of you or kicking you in the face really puts me off! So yes staggered starts and chips would be better I suspect!
    As for clean eating change is difficult! I thought that I was doing ok but woke up at 3am starving and with a headache! Can you fill up with more veg if you are hungry? I’m sure that you will adapt soon. Best wishes


    • Thanks Julie. I am having the same problem. I am constantly hungry. I have adapted things a little to take into account that I have started training 5-6 days a week – but still keeping it clean. Clean and Lean recommends that you fill up with veg if you are hungry. On the positive side I have discovered almond nut butter and rye bread – yum and a good filler.


      • Veg soups are good, today I made a spicy one out of sweet potato with coconut milk, 145 calories per serving. I’ve also discovered the nut butter/pitta combination is a good one – a good source of protein without meat.


  3. I’m backing off on the long term goals for 2014 as well. Going to try and keep it simple this year and just enjoy running again. Happy New Year to you!


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