Headmaster’s report

I knocked on the door and heard the voice I hear every year at this time.

“Come in”

I opened the door. “Hello Sir, you sent for me”

“Ah Whent yes, come in and sit down. I want to go through your end of year report with you. Before I do though, tell me, how do you think this year has gone?”

“OK I guess” I said barely able to disguise how much I hate the question.

“Well let me read to you what I have written and then we can have a quick chat”

With that he perched his glasses on his nose and read from the paper in front of him:

“Overall Whent has had a good year. It started badly with a shin splint injury followed by a calf injury which meant that he to pull out of the Bath Half Marathon in March. Things could only go one way from there.

Once fit he got his head down and completed a good block of training which finished in early June with an encouraging result at the Blenheim Palace Triathlon – although his bike leg wasn’t going to win any awards.

From there his focus turned to longer distances. He was pleased with his performance at the Monster Middle half-iron distance race in mid-August which doubled as Andover Tri Club’s middle distance championships. His swim was very encouraging (33 mins for 1.9k) and he finished with a 1.58hr half marathon. But that bike leg!!!

After a great club day out at the Newbury Sprint Triathlon in early September where he went sub 1.15 hrs, it was all eyes on Lanzarote for his A race, the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. This was a good finish to his tri season. He was pleased with how he coped with a crowded and very physical swim and he finished off with a 2.12. half marathon in blistering heat. His bike leg was commendable in that he got round it, including the 2,000ft, six-mile Tabayesco climb, but he didn’t threaten any age-group records and would agree in retrospect that he could have attacked it more aggressively and could have concentrated harder.

He finished his season with an unexpected bonus of a 1.44hr (new PB) at the Salisbury Half Marathon. This was a hilly course so we are hopeful that there is better to come.

Whent has enjoyed his season but needs to spend as much time on his bike in the off-season as he can. I would also like to see him at club training a lot more regularly in the New Year – especially bike training. In my view he should also grow a pair and go long in 2014”

He looked over his spectacles at me; “Fair?” he asked.

“Fair” I confirmed.

“One other thing we should discuss” he started.

“Yes sir?”

“Weight!” he exclaimed “Racing weight! Your winter goals should be to lose 10lbs and increase you power on the bike by 15%. I’d like to see your average speed for a flat 50 miles up nearer 20mph”

“Me too” I muttered as I shuffled out of his office with a B2 for my 2013 tri season.

Begrudgingly I had to admit that the wise old voice was right!


6 responses to “Headmaster’s report

  1. Your headmaster is a tough guy! I’m sure that you can do it though. How long is long going to be? Are you aiming for a specific event? I look forwards to reading about it and how you get along with ‘clean and lean’. Best wishes for the new year, Julie.


  2. I think you have had more than a “fair” year I think you have had a incredible year well done! I think this was a really clever way of expressing your years work without making it to boring! A great post and a great year! Good luck with your triathlon and Iron man and good luck with your clean and lean! happy new year Matilda 🙂


  3. Jeez, what a tough boss you have. Sounds like you had a great year to me. Those 10 lbs will melt away with your Ironman training.


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