What’s that coming over the hill, is it a…………….

No, this hasn’t suddenly turned into a music review blog. But this song has some meaning at the moment. That is because I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for the last week. For the uninitiated, what is coming over the hill in the Automatic’s song is a monster! (Fast forward to 42 seconds to hear the catchy chorus that is trapped in my head)

And that is exactly what is coming over the hill for me – not a monster, but The Monster, or The Monster Middle if you are being exact. It is my first ever half-iron distance triathlon and it takes place in six days.

So this week is the week I hate. It is the week when you are stuck in a maddening no-mans’ land. Not close enough to the day yet to be going to the venue and getting swept up in the race day atmosphere, but too close to do any more serious training.

Far enough away for you to feel that all your fitness is draining away and too close to be able to do anything about it.


The Monster Middle

Far enough away that you think that without exercise you are piling on the pounds, but knowing that what you should really be doing is upping the carbohydrate intake. More food and less exercise? It sounds like a world I used to inhabit.

And its the week when you lose all sense of reason. Over the last few months I have managed 10-mile runs, 45-mile bike rides and 2-mile swims without serious injury, but for some reason this week I think if I so much as lift a shopping bag my arm will fall off. Every little twinge I feel is instantly a grade two muscle tear.  Tapering sucks.

Training hasn’t stopped but it has wound down to a few easy sessions to remind my resting body not to go to sleep completely. A program that three weeks ago contained almost eight hours of training now has a little over two. As a result I have too much free time!

I am trying to fill my time with constructive race related activity but there are only so many times you can lay your race kit out on the bed, check you have enough energy drink for the bike or gels for the run, read the race instructions from start to finish or check the weather forecast. I have lost count of the number of times I have looked at the course on Google Earth or checked the organisers Facebook page for updates or sat with a calculator working out what my finish time might be.

And just occassionally when I do manage to relax and concentrate on something other than the race, that f****** song comes into my head and off we go again!!

I need that monster to come over the hill a bit quicker than it is coming at the moment!!


4 responses to “What’s that coming over the hill, is it a…………….

  1. I feel so excited for you just reading your blog! It sounds like you are ready for it and peaking mentally and physically ( I’m not an expert I have never run more than 10k). It’s just that you frustration and anticipation are palpable. It sounds like you are going to have a great race. Good luck I can’t wait to hear how it went!


  2. I’ll be happy to be your online “less exercise, more food” buddy if you need it. For moral support, of course. Seriously, I can only imagine what that kind of taper feels like…a plain marathon taper is bad enough. Hope you find some activities to fill the time…and for God’s sake, don’t hurt yourself! 🙂


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